How to play?

3 Foot Ninja

DESCRIPTION: Flaunt your great ninja abilities by helping the 3 Foot Ninja overcome his adversaries, while gathering the old Lost Scrolls of the Elders to open the privileged insights of the Elder Masters.   You have a long trek in front of you with numerous enemies to overcome. How do your ninja abilities measure up? Are you sufficiently solid to battle the adversaries that remain in your direction.   Every foe character has distinctive battling styles so keep an eye out for their exceptional moves - the later ones even shoot fireballs - it's a smart thought to maintain a strategic distance from them however much as could reasonably be expected! You may likewise discover wellbeing elixirs spotted around the levels so look out for them as they will give you some assistance - make a point to utilize them before advancing however - once you've missed a wellbeing mixture you can't backpedal.


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